Meet Sphero's New Neighborhood Friendly Spider-Man

Sphero Spider-Man
Sphero Spider-Man

Just when you thought Spider-Man couldn’t get any cooler, Toy Robotics company Sphero has come out with a voice interactive Spider-Man toy that not only looks and feels durable but is also packed with entertaining features. Sphero, the same company who brought to life BB-8 and Ultimate Lightning McQueen, has now also brought to life Spider-Man. One of the ways the creators have been able to do this is by infusing the ‘toy’ itself with eyes which are made of small LCD displays. The displays are designed to, essentially, inject life into Spider-Man himself allowing him to show common facial features like blinking and expressions—which can also be seen at night. Now that’s not scary at all!

But, it’s the voice interaction which is what really brings Spider-Man to life. Ask him for the time and, in a Spider-Man like personality, he’ll give you the time. Pick him up and toss him into the air and he’ll react with joy. Topple him over onto his face and react to the face plant. Ask him to tell a joke and he’s plenty to keep you entertained. Feel like playing a game, he’s got plenty of Spider-Man trivia. Just feel like listening? Ask him for a story, he’s got plenty of them. Good ones that, well, let’s say have become blockbuster hits. Oh, and want to chat? He can do that too!

To take things even further, the toy comes with a mobile app which you can use to launch activities, unlock more content, and go on adventures, team up to fight villains and a bunch of other entertaining features. And, for companies like Sphero, this is only the beginning. Smart Phones, Smart Homes, and now Smart Toys are quickly becoming the next wave of intelligent devices. I anticipate that we’re going to see more like these toys in the future and, they’ll become just as popular—if not more—than fidget spinner toys that we see almost everywhere today.

The launch of the voice interactive Spider-Man comes not long before the new movie Spider-Man Homecoming which is due to be out in cinemas 28 June 2017. If you haven’t already seen the movie trailers, check out the Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2 below. All three trailers have so far accumulated a combined 14.5 million views.

Adding to the rebooted Spider-Man hype is the new Spider-Man PS4 installment by gaming developers Insomniac. The same game developers behind the titles Resistance and the Ratchet & Clank series. The new Spider-Man game for PS4 was announced at this year’s 2017 E3 conference where its gameplay was revealed. The game itself looks impressive pushing the PS4’s graphics and processing power to the limit. The game looks to be set in an open-world environment with plenty of action and adventure. To see some of the gameplay for yourself, check out the gameplay trailer from IGN.

So, while Sphero’s new Spider-Man Smart Toy might not be like the wildly successful Pokémon GO or the hugely popular fidget cube toy, it's certainly making its own mark and one that I anticipate we’ll see more of in the near future.

These retail at $149.99 but check out Amazon for the latest deals.

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