What It's Like To Take Smart Drugs For The First Time

Whether we like it or not, Smart Drugs are becoming more prevalent in today's modern society. The increasing demand it put upon us and the demand we put upon ourselves is forcing many of us to seek new more effective and efficient ways to boost our brain power. But Smart Drugs aren't anything too new, particularly in the developing world. People in countries all over the world are using cognitive enhancing Smart Drugs to help boost their brain power to new heights. Countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States are among some of the top. When it comes to the class of Nootropics, Modafinil, Adrafinil, Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and even Noopept are among some of the more popular and used smart drugs.

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I was first introduced to Smart Drugs back in early 2007. At the time, I was a senior business consultant for a large multi-national corporate on the verge of major change. To say the least, the company wasn’t in good shape. I was brought in to evaluate the organization's operational processes and collate competitive insights to form their overarching strategic plan for the next 3 years.

At the core, the company was on the cusp of turmoil, it was a mess and a lot of work was needed to turn it away from the disaster it was heading in. When I got the call, I brought in my team to help put together a plan. The initial plan we put together within the first few days was designed to slow the bleeding. Once that was under control we got to work on the big plan. A plan I was scheduled to present at the next shareholders meeting. A plan that had to be sound, on-point, aligned with the company's values and mission, and plan that the shareholders and board of executives would buy into.

To top it off, I had less than four weeks to put it all together. While we were paid a handsome sum to put it all together, it was by all means no easy task. To say that it was a stressful four weeks would be an understatement. It took a lot of time, effort, analysis, evaluation, debate, and many other things to piece it all together and package it all up. It was a demanding task for both me and my team.

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Three days out from the scheduled presentation I was feeling the heat. My team and I had worked night and day on moving the final pieces into the right place but, still, we were far from done. On the day I was due to present I barely got any sleep the night before. I was kept up by flooding thoughts of “what about this” and “did we consider that”. But, it was too late for any of that. The only thing I needed to focus on was delivering to a congregation of shareholders that needed to believe that the company’s best days are near ahead. Less than two hours before, I was due to present I felt drained, exhausted, and anxious. My legs felt like jelly, I felt cold but I was sweating, and yet I knew there was only one way to go and that was forward.

That was when I was introduced to Nootropics. “Here, take these” Mike tells me handing me a bottle of what looked like prescription drugs. “What are they?” I asked. “It’s Aniracetam, a brain performance enhancing drug. It will help you clear the mind and focus. Plus, it’ll help relieve the anxiety you look like you’re going through and hopefully inject some confidence.” At that moment, I didn’t know if I should have been relieved or fearful but I felt I had to take my chances. So, I poured three capsules into my hand and knocked them back with a glass of water. I can’t say that it was instant but, certainly something inside me changed. It was like taking coffee or an energy drink for the first time, only it felt more powerful. My mind shifted from fear, worry, and anxiousness, to a clear focus and confidence.

By the time on got on stage, my shoulders were rolled back and my head was held up high. During the presentation, the things I was most concerned about I seemed to have a solution for. And my speech delivery, well, I don’t know where it came from but it was like I was just talking with a group of friends only I was on fire. Aside from a few technical hiccups, the hour-long presentation flew by. I got the disgruntled shareholders and uneasy looking executives looking and feeling more hopeful and excited about the company’s future. And it didn’t end there. The presentation and strategy plan was received so well that my team and I were asked to stay on and lead the roll out the strategic plan with their internal teams and external partners.

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When I got back to my hotel room that night, I delved into some research on Aniracetam—the Nootropic I had taken earlier that day. What’s interesting is that I found that it’s combined properties were designed to help with things like improving brain cognition, mood, focus, memory, vitality, and relieve stress and anxiety. And, that it’s often used to aid with high-pressure tasks (i.e. presentations). But, the application of smart drugs doesn’t end there. Some students use it to help with ADHD, and professionals use them to tackle important projects. Ever since I became fascinated by Aniracetam and other types of Nootropics like Noopept, Adrafinil, Citicoline, L-Theanine, Phenibut, and the list goes on.

Since taking Aniracetam, the world of Smart Drugs, for me at least, has opened up and there’s a growing community of users out there. For instance, professionals, academics, and athletes alike are turning more and more to the aid of Smart Drugs. In the future, I anticipate that, in a world where performance is a key measure of success and there is no shortage of competition, we’re going to see more and more people explore and experiment with different ways to enhance their abilities and increase their performance. And, we’re not just talking about caffeine but rather Smart Drugs that come in the form of natural and synthetic supplements like Nootropics. So, whether we choose to see and acknowledge it or not, I think the rise of Smart Drugs is only going to become more prevalent in tomorrow’s modern society.

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